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Cultural Challenges within a Health Care System Essay

Social Challenges inside a Health Care System - Essay Example It is in such manner that this exposition plans to introduce what the idea of culture is. Further, this paper would dig into the difficulties this idea needs to impression of wellbeing and ailment in the human services calling. At last, solid instances of the difficulties in Arabic culture would be accommodated lucidity and affirmation. Delaune and Ladner (2006) in their book on Fundamentals of Nursing characterized culture as â€Å"knowledge, convictions, practices, thoughts, mentalities, values, propensities, customs, dialects, images, customs, functions, and practices that are remarkable to a specific gathering of people†. (p.388) Simple people customarily know culture as a lifestyle. To empower a wellbeing professional to consolidate the idea of culture and have the option to address the difficulties related in the powerful conveyance of social insurance, one ought to know about the idea of social fitness. As per Campinha-Bacote (1996) social skill is a procedure, not an end point, in which the attendant constantly endeavors to accomplish the capacity to adequately work inside the social setting of an individual, family or network from a various social/ethnic background†. (p.6) The accomplishment of social ability is seen as a procedure that joins social mindfulness, social information, social aptitude, social experience and social want. There are six hierarchical elements which were distinguished in two separate investigations. At the point when joined, these elements give a rule to nursing suggestions comparative with a specific social gathering. The hierarchical components introduced by Spector (2004) and Stanhope and Lancaster (2004) recognizes remarkable social angles gathered in like manner, and would help nurture in giving the fitting patient consideration. These variables are: (1) correspondence; (2) space; (3) time direction; (4) social association; (5) ecological control; and (6) organic assessments. â€Å"Arabic is the way to understanding the Arabs, their way of life, and

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Identity Conflicts Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Personality Conflicts - Research Paper Example The colorizing impact of the film is considered as a â€Å"racial metaphor† (Johnson). This contention has been settled when individuals understand the embodiment of tolerating changes, particularly when it concerns multiculturalism. Man versus himself is likewise a contention in the film, for example, when Mary Sue thinks about another character. She settle this when she acknowledges the enhanced her-the â€Å"self† who needs to study and find out about the world. The contention of â€Å"man versus society† emerges, on account of the contention between the conventional Pleasantville values and new, radical qualities. The individuals settle this by additionally tolerating the presence of another, pluralistic world. The film utilizes a few imageries to portray interior and social changes. One of the images of inside change is the utilization of the mirror. During the knowing about Bud and Bill’s spray painting, the city hall leader becomes colorized. Betty tosses her facial powder mirror to Bud and the city hall leader â€Å"sees† that he likewise changed. He has felt outrage, which is a disagreeable feeling. Another image is the consuming tree. This tree consumes after Betty contacts her first sexual peak. The tree represents the tree of information, on the grounds that Betty finds out about sex just because. For Pleasantville, sex is a wrongdoing and when Betty explicitly satisfies herself, she participates in this transgression. At the point when the tree consumed, she accomplishes opportunity from the standards and the will to seek after individual changes. The downpour with electrical discharges represents social changes. The tempest demonstrations to clean away the Pleasantville’s triviality. Ironicly the downpour is washing ceaselessly the â€Å"purity† of Pleasantville, which is additionally its polluting influence. After the downpour, the youngsters all transformed into shading; since they felt what it re sembles to be free and to... This work encourages the crowd identify with the characters, since it delineates different sex, racial, and personality issues. Pleasantville conditions individuals to think and go about as â€Å"one.† The lower classes in the film are the hued ones. A progress is the most noteworthy social gathering of individuals and the broadest degree of social personality individuals have shy of that which recognizes people from different species. The film appears, be that as it may, that this perfect world is bogus. Individuals ought to acknowledge that they can change, just as others as well. A while later, while Pleasantville individuals are encountering changes, mixes of highly contrasting and shaded are utilized. Ross utilized surrounding to clarify how individuals see themselves as well as other people and how they identify with others as well. The altering and change of scenes rush as Pleasantville â€Å"changes† progressively. The diegetic sounds are utilized generally for Pleasantville before the adjustments in the individuals. Non-diegetic sounds are more included, in view of the effect of outside changes on the individuals. Weber portrayed a multicultural society, where individuals acknowledge various types of characters. Pleasantville is likewise changed to a multicultural character. Pleasantville changes from a solitary culture to a multicultural society, when individuals figure out how to acknowledge social and individual changes as a feature of the real world and human instinct. The verifiable substance of the film is that individuals are not generally prepared to recognize and acknowledge changes. â€Å"Pleasantville† underscores that individuals ought to figure out how to acknowledge the presence of various, in any event, clashing, personalities and societies, on the grounds that in all actuality, individuals are not dark or white, since they additionally have their own individual and social characters. Ross addresses customary standards that strengthen oppressive control. It tells individuals that perfect world isn't ideal world without unrestrained choice.

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Florida Public Health And Statutes Health And Social Care Essay

1 ) Discuss the region of the open wellbeing authoritative acts that is of most noteworthy contribution to you. Clarify why it is of import and delineate what you realized as new data. The open health administrative act covering with Substance Abuse Services ( Chapter 397 ) is of incredible contribution to me.The part in a general sense exchanges with substance abuse bar, mediation and intercession administrations. Substance abuse is a significant health occupation and prompts profoundly upseting impacts as genuine harm, ceaseless reliance, condemnable conduct, vehicular losses, rotating wellbeing consideration costs, AIDS. It is the motivation behind the Legislature to ensure inside accessible assets a full continuum of substance abuse administrations dependent on anticipated distinguished requests, conveyed without bias and with equivalent stipulation for specific requests. It is perceived that a substance abuse harm emergency is destructing the youngster and is the hidden reason for some adolescents come ining the adolescent justness framework, and that substance abuse harm adds to the offense the school dropout rate, youngster implosion, juvenile development, a nd substance-uncovered neonates and that substance abuse harm is a network work, a family unit work, a social activity, and a legal activity and that there is a basic interest to go to this exigency in a flash. In this way, it is the reason for the Legislature that rare financess be put resources into bar and early mediation plans. The monetary expense of substance abuse harm to the region channels bing assets, and the expense to casualties, both financial and mental, is horrible and heartbreaking. The finish of the authoritative get together to deflect substance abuse by progressing sound ways of life and medication free schools, work environments and networks. The Legislature other than means to flexibly approval for the segment to spread out bing administrations to adolescents, to contract with network based substance abuse administration providers for the stipulation of specific administrations, and to hold worldview hypothetical records created preceding statewide execution. The new subjects I went over in this section are: ( a ) Duties of the Department ( B ) Treatment-based medication court plans. Obligations of the area: A far reaching region program has been intended for the stipulation of substance abuse administrations which incorporates: Designation of frequency and predominance of employments identified with substance abuse, depiction of current administrations, requirement for administrations, cost of administrations, priorities for support.It other than gives on an immediate or legally binding balance open guidance plans and a data clearinghouse to course data about the nature and impacts of substance misuse. , producing for powers who give substance abuse benefits, a data collection and airing framework, in similarity with relevant government secrecy guidelines. , fundamental epidemiological and factual research and the airing of outcomes, inquire about in collaboration with qualified research laborers on administrations conveyed. The Department intends to set up a help plan for the airing of accessible government, region, and private financess through legally binding understandings with netw ork based associations or units of area or nearby specialists which convey neighborhood substance abuse administrations. Treatment based medication court plans The treatment-based medication council plans incorporate healing law rules and hold fast to the 10 cardinal constituents, perceived by the Drug Courts Program Office of the Office of Justice Programs of the United States Department of Justice and received by the Florida Supreme Court Treatment-Based Drug Court Steering Committee. : ( a ) Drug council plans incorporate intoxicant and other medication intercession administrations with justness framework example handling. ( B ) Using a non antagonistic assault, arraignment and barrier advocate advance open wellbeing while at the same time securing members ‘ due system rights. ( degree Celsius ) Eligible members are recognized early and immediately put in the medication court plan. ( 500 ) Drug council plans give course to a continuum of intoxicant, medicate, and other related mediation and restoration administrations. ( nutrient E ) Abstinence is observed by visit demonstrating for intoxicant and different medications. ( degree Fa hrenheit ) A co-ordinated plot oversees medicate council plan reactions to members ‘ congruity. ( g ) Ongoing legal communication with each medication council plan member is vital. ( H ) Monitoring and rating step the achievement of plan finishes and measure plan effectivity. ( I ) Continuing interdisciplinary guidance advances efficacious medication council plan arranging, execution, and activities. ( J ) Forging associations among tranquilize court plans, open authorities, and network based associations creates nearby help and upgrades sedate council plan effectivity The help of a treatment-based medication council plan under which people in the justness framework surveyed with a substance abuse occupation will be prepared in such a mode as to appropriately go to the disagreeableness of the recognized substance abuse work through mediation administrations customized to the single requests of the member. ( 2 ) Identify two distinct kinds of assaults or strategies used to advance the health of Floridians ( for example , administration bringing, mandate ) . For each, depict a representation from the Florida open health administrative acts and spot a potential limitation that could debilitate achieving the planned outcome. The two distinct kinds of assaults or strategies used to advance the health of Floridians are: ( a ) Health Insurance Access. ( ss.408.90-408.910 ) ( B ) Delivery of malady control administrations Tuberculosis Control ( Delivery of Tuberculosis control administrations ) ( part 392 ) ( A ) Health Insurance Access: The Legislature finds that a significant figure of the inhabitants of this territory do non hold equivalent course to reasonable, quality wellbeing consideration in light of the fact that the premiums are excessively expensive The Legislature expects to flexibly a region wellbeing protection plan for those individuals who are without health protection so they may hold dish to preventive and essential consideration administrations. The territory wellbeing protection plan projects to offer fundamental, minimal effort health consideration administrations to those Floridians who have non had course to the private wellbeing protection advertise. The Legislature expects that the region plan will point the uninsured and non the individuals who directly have private health protection inclusion. . The Legislature more remote disclosures that expanding dish to moderate, quality wellbeing consideration can be best practiced by set uping a competitory market for pu rchasing health protection and health administrations. It is thus the motivation behind the Legislature to settle on the Florida Health Choices Program to: Extend chances for Floridians to purchase ease health protection and wellbeing administrations, save the advantages of work supported protection while facilitating the authoritative burden for managers who offer these advantages, empower single pick in both the mode and total of health consideration bought, gracefully for the acquisition of single, compact health consideration inclusion, disperse data to buyers on the money related worth and nature of wellbeing administrations, Sponsor a competitory market that animates stock creation, quality improvement, and proficiency in the creation and bringing of health administrations Each inhabitant of this territory who has a gross family unit pay that is equivalent to or underneath 250 for every centum of the government destitution degree and who fulfills the needs of this development is qualified to write in the Med Access plan. Each qualified person who joins up with the Med Access plan is qualified for have benefits for any secured administration outfitted inside this region by a take separating provider which incorporate doctor administrations, emergency clinic detainee administrations, medical clinic outpatient administrations, look into lab administrations, family arranging administrations, outpatient mental health administrations Enlistment in the Med Access plan is proficient to qualification and monetary limitations and will be recharged yearly. Limitations of Med Access Program: ( 1 ) The Med Access plan will non spread advantages that are given as bit of laborers ‘ remuneration protection. ( 2 ) The Med Access plan will with the exception of inclusion for prior conditions, aside from incubation, during a time of a year following the efficacious day of the period of inclusion each piece long as: ( a ) The status showed itself inside a time of a half year before the adequate day of the long stretch of inclusion ; or ( B ) Medical counsel or mediation was suggested or gotten inside a half year before the strong day of the period of inclusion. ( 3 ) The Med Access plan will non incorporate inclusion for outpatient physician recommended drugs, spectacless, dental administrations, tutelary consideration, or exigency administrations for non new conditions. ( 4 ) Any individual from the Med Access plan who is resolved to be at â€Å" high peril † by a take separating essential consideration provider will, upon recovery, hold to be put in a case bearing framework when it is controlled by the arrangement to be in the best inclusion of the part and the Med Access plan. ( 5 ) No person for whose sake the arrangement has paid out $ 500,000 in secured benefits is qualified for proceeded with inclusion in the Med Access plan. ( B ) Delivery of Disease Control Services: TUBERCULOSIS CONTROL ( Delivery of TB control administrations ) Dynamic TB is a very infectious contamination that is now and again deadly and establishes a genuine threat to the open wellbeing. There is a significant repository of TB disease in this area and that there is an interest to create network intends to put TB and to respond quickly with suitable advances. A few patients who have dynamic TB have complex

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Introduction of Technology in Underground Mining of Coal - 275 Words

Review of Introduction of new Technology in Underground Mining of Coal in Assam India (Research Paper Sample) Content: NameCouesTutorDateProject analysis: Review of Introduction of new technology in underground mining of coal in Assam IndiaIntroductionCoalfields in Assam exist. The potential impact on the environment has called for the exploration of better, more efficient methods. This paper will seek to analyze the incorporation of a new technology into the mining of coal in Assam. The new technology is expected to reduce the cost of operation as well as yielding high percentage extraction. Reducing the impact of mining operation on the environment may a positive eventuality although it is not the main objective of the project.Background of the projectNorth Eastern coalfield, the area to which new underground mining technology is to be introduced has been worked since 1887. Coal occurring in this area of interest id is tertiary and characterized by caking, high sulphur and low ash. Due to long persistent mining activities in Nakum, is now worked by an underground tunnel that have u ndergone modification to improve its reliability. Workers are faced by danger of being buried should the unstable tunnel collapse. This has raised concerns and the NEC is considering new technologies that could be employed to reduce the risk faced by the workers. The area of interest, Makum has five prominent seams. Methods currently used in the underground extraction of coal collieries of Marguerite, is Tipong, a modification of Bhaska method. The gradient for Tipong Collieries range from 45 degrees to 75 degrees. The Assisted Chamber method which is a modification of Tipong method has gradient ranging from 25 degrees to 40 degree.Other methods including flexible roofing methods and descending shield have been tried with a motive of increasing efficiency and production. However little such method show little success. Presently, two methods are Tipong and Assisted chamber method. Both methods have low order production that do not exceed 150 tones daily per districtRequirements of t he projectStatutory permissionFor the new technology to be implemented, legal permission has to be granted by Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS), Ministry of Environment ministry of environment and forest and state central pollution board.Infrastructural requirementThe new technology is not consistent in requirement with conventional methods. The new technology will require a supportive infrastructure that is not currently satisfactorily installed in existing open cast mines. Such instructor includes the following; 1 Electricity installation at the surface 2 Surface an underground technology that ions relevant to the new method 3 Modified mouth cavity 4 Approach road- necessary for bringing in materials and extraction of coal 5 Offices and service buildings 6 Installation of Culverts and colonies 7 key primary and secondary stakeholdersThe public and relevant tribesLand ownership in India may seem a complex matter since the government does not necessarily control all the re gions rich in coal. Some regions are tribal land and surrounding tribes has to be meaningfully engaged before the commencement of mining practice. Public participation offer benefits to mining companies if appropriate engaged, the public will help other stakeholders and the company to achieve sustainability quest in practices, economic s and man power supply. This group of stake holders is therefore the most important group to the company. The expectation and d needs of the society around from the mining company and the government have to be understood and kept.The Mining CompanyA good corporate reputation is very valuable asset to any company. Reputation affects both the functioning and profitability of an organization. An organization with good reputation can attract all the need it requires from relevant stakeholders. For a mining company to sustainably operate within the a community especially a tribal land as in the case of most coalfields in North East India, there should be a community approval and licensing. Mining impact on the communities around sites intensely compared to any other industry. The relationship between the mining company and the community within is therefore an important issue that requires well informed approach. The mining company is the heart beat of such a mining collaboration. The company however should understand the expectation of other stakeholders who include the regulatory authorities, the government and the community around. The mining company if it a public venture, should make profit that are sufficient to for dividends and expenses.The mining company should also see that it observes citizenship by being socially responsible to the general public and the government. Practices of mining should have minimum impact on the environment; equal opportunities should be granted to all seeking employment or promotion within the company.RegulatorsContractorsSpecify around stakeholder identity is a trend in the scholarly research that require more inquiries. Literature to this specific topic is still limited and most firms learn from mistakes. Traditional view on stake holders failed to acknowledge that company stake holders influence each other. There are groups relating stakeholders that exclude the company. Dynamism of such groups are ought to be understood in order for the company to anticipate trends that may modify its corporate image.The table below is model developed by Jacqueline Tuck to analyze Australian mining industry in relation to stakeholder relationships.Revision Of past Company ReputationMediaRevised Company ReputationFuture Stakeholder ActionsMediaCompany ActivitiesCo. ReportsMediaOther Stakeholder ActionsAs shown in the table chary above, a firm can actively influence its corporate reputation by actively engaging with the stakeholders in a meaningful manner. The media with its capacity to reach more people that the company could makes it a stake holder of important interests.Stake holder anal ysisStake holders in mining in case of North East India include the following 1 Community Groups and traditional owner.Some lands in china are held by tribal communities. Approval from such groups is important before any commencement of operations by mining company. The community is also keen to see that benefit accrued to them as a result of mining practices. Mining processes should not go against the expectation of the society by n...

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Developing Policies Of Trinidad And Tobago - 1674 Words

As I look at the developing policies of Trinidad and Tobago which embraces access to quality education. I found these document which supports our vision, the STRATEGIC PLAN OF THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, (MOE), (2002-2006). And MINISTRY OF EDU-CATION, EDUCATION POLICY PAPER (1993 - 2003). In the past Trinidad and Tobago has had equity and equality issues (UNESCO, 2003) these were the developing policy that embraces access to equality education for all. And in these documents the government is focusing on the education system and is looking into the Edu-cation act with a goal of creating a seamless, high quality world class education system, and has an interest in the ECCE and the restructuring and transformation of the education sector, a curriculum reform, a student support services and also looking at how to give teachers the professional tools needed to provide our vision of a world class education. The MOE’s seam-less approach to education has placed the ECCE among priorities with the drive of moderniz-ing and transforming the process which will give our young children a smooth transition from ECCE to the tertiary level. EDUCATION POLICY PAPER (1993 - 2003) Section III addresses the delivery system. It speaks to the types of learning environment, programmes and courses of studies (curricula), assessment tools and practices, transitional and articulation mechanisms and procedures, insti-tutional management, teacher preparation and formation practices, materials, costShow MoreRelatedThe Trinidad And Tobago Corporate Governance Essay1882 Words   |  8 Pagesstrategic direction, policy formulation, supervision of executive management and accountability and transparency† (Butler, 2016). The ERHA is one of the five (5) Regional Health Authorities in Trinidad and Tobago established by an Act of Parliament in 1994 (Eastern Regional Health Authority, 2013). The intended role of the ERHA Board should be geared towards developing strategic direction and propagate good corporate governance principles throughout the authority. The Trinidad and Tobago Corporate GovernanceRead MoreEthics - British Gas Essay1393 Words   |  6 Pagesestablished company in Trinidad and Tobago. This company supplies natural gas for domestic use and also liquefaction and export. In addition, BG TT is a significant shareholder in the Atlantic LNG plant in Point Fortin, Trinidad, and has recently acquired the central block upstream operations on land. BG Trinidad Tobago (BG TT) has been operating in the region since 1989. It is operator (?) and has 50 per cent equity in the Dolphin field, off the east coast of Trinidad. The field supplies upRead MoreEducation and Economic Growth in Trinidad and Tobago1959 Words   |  8 Pagesare being educated. According to a study conducted by Olaniyan and Okemakinde 2008, education creates improved citizens and helps to upgrade the general standard of living in a society. Furthermore, education plays a key role in the ability of a developing country to absorb modern technology and to develop the capacity for self-sustaining growth and development (Todaro and Smith, 2012). Additionally, and according to Coombs and Ahmed 1974, they are three modes of education, that is, there is the formalRead MoreEducations Role in Trinidad and Tobago Essay1879 Words   |  8 PagesEducation and schooling has always played a pivotal role in the development of societies the world over and specifically in the context of Trinidad and Tobago. Education and schooling in this country as in any other is an investment in citizens that will reap benefits for all through research and innovation, physical and social mobility, improved opportunities and health. Though the exam – driven nature of our system makes it different from North America (Lochan 2005), education remains the meansRead MoreEnvironmental Impact Assessment For Trinidad And Tobago9855 Words   |  40 Pagesassessment for a specific industry in Trinidad and Tobago, there needs to be a general introduction to Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island republic of 5,128 km2, a mere 7 miles of f the coast of Venezuela, South America. With a land mass slightly smaller than the State of Delaware in the United States, its present population of approximately 1.3 million has a literacy rate of 99 percent principally in English as the official language. Trinidad and Tobago is a parliamentary democracyRead MoreThe political decision-making process2023 Words   |  9 Pagesto health policy-making can hardly be achieved.† Support, debunk or provide alternative paradigms or approaches to this statement, focusing on the development of a particular policy area you are familiar with, and using analytic tools and frameworks in health policy analysis. This paper will begin by briefly examining the role of the state in health and how the state or political system is structured to meet this obligation. It will then describe the types of policy, the stages of policy making, andRead MoreReflection Paper On The s The Day I Would Stay A Little Bit 3612 Words   |  15 Pagesbecause at the end of de day I would still have to take care of dem children and help me mudda, I try to put them first These two excerpts capture the voices of two households dependent on both the economic and domestic labour of two women within Trinidad and Tobago’s Special Employment Programmes[ Much of the historical and contemporary literature describes SEPs in the pejorative as make-work, a term not welcomed by some of those interviewed. Therefore, unless referring directly to the literatureRead MoreNew Venture Creation3656 Words   |  15 Pagesbusiness, the prospect for growth and the assumptions you have used. Executive Summary While employed at Saturation Inc. I diligently provided valuable market information which were never considered. The situation and my passion to promote Trinidad and Tobago culture, have prompted me create a new venture, which will capitalize on market opportunities identified. This new venture is a Caribbean niche food product named Moko Sticks under the brand Wee Farm Growers Ltd. This paper considers and highlightsRead MoreHow Sm Jaleel Went Global12239 Words   |  49 PagesSM jaleel Company in trinidad diversification of its products FOR THE FOOD AND BEVERAGE INDUSTRY Ministry of Trade and Industry Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Developed by: The Food Beverage Industry Team Report Preparation: Arnold Babwah May, 2005 Preface The conceptual framework for this document is the result of a partnership approach between public sector agencies and the private sector. It attempts, within the context of the 2020 VISION for national developmentRead MoreCaricom1012 Words   |  5 Pagescommunity was established by the Treaty of Chaguaramas which came into effect on August 1973 and which was signed at first by only 4 countries : Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. CARICOM was built in order to promote an economic integration and a real cooperation between its members, in order to coordinate foreign policy and in order to ensure that the benefits of integration are equally shared. Its aim was to take part in the international trade scene . In 1989, 13 of the 15 members

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Adult Lgbt Social Service Needs And Issues - 1773 Words

Adult LGBT Social Service Needs and Issues: An overview of the Inland Empire INTRODUCTION Problem Statement Today, falling birth rates and advances in medicine have made adults 65 years and older, one of the fastest growing populations in the United States. According to a report by the National LGBTQ Task Force, â€Å"nearly 37.9 million Americans are 65 or older, representing 12.6% of the population, or one in eight Americans† (Grant, Koskovich, Frazer, Bjerk, 2010, p. 19). Notably, the aging population is faced with struggles that include limited mobility, physical, and mental health problems, as well as a rising need for long-term care, like home nursing, assisted living, and hospital stays. The growth in the aging population also means that it has become more diverse. Furthermore, it is estimated that â€Å"between now and the height of the aging boom, there will be approximately nearly 2 million to as many as 7 million LGBT elders in the United States† (Grant et al., 2010, p. 28). Across one’s lifespan, several socioeconomic factors impact one’s ability to access resources later in life. The LGBT population in the United States is distinct in the fact that it faces discrimination as a sexual minority, as well as discrimination as a result of ageism. As a result, the LGBT population may have social service needs that differ from that of the heterosexual population. In fact, studies are beginning to suggest that older LGBT people may face a unique set of needs and challenges asShow MoreRelatedAging Lgbt Social Service Needs And Issues1663 Words   |  7 PagesAging LGBT Social Service Needs and Issues: An overview of San Bernardino County INTRODUCTION Problem Statement Today, falling birthrates and advances in medicine have made adults 65 years and older one of the fastest growing populations in the United States. According to Grant, J. M., Koskovich, G., Frazer, M. S., Bjerk, S. (2010), â€Å"nearly 37.9 million Americans are 65 or older, representing 12.6% of the population, or one in eight Americans† (p. 19). Furthermore, the aging population is facedRead MoreLgbt Individuals Access And Experiences With Their Identity1490 Words   |  6 PagesLGBT individuals access and experiences with services may be affected by their identity. Fredrikesen-Goldsen et al. (2014) stated, â€Å"In addition to discrimination in the larger society, LGBT older adults experience both overt and covert discrimination in health and human service settings. Discrimination within healthcare systems is a significant predictor of poor mental and physical health† (p. 93). In addition, due to ageism and heterosexism older LGBT individuals have less resources a nd servicesRead MoreOverview Of The LGBTQ Community914 Words   |  4 Pagessearch terms ‘LGBTQ’ and ‘aging.’ The following is based on the article, â€Å"Innovative approaches addressing aging and mental health needs in LGBTQ communities† (Hoy-Ellis, Ator, Kerr Milford, 2016). Summary of Findings As individuals, we all face some of the same health issues, but according to (Fredriksen- Goldsen, 2016 ), LGBT communities have some unique needs that must be addressed because of earlier experiences.. Many individuals from the LGBTQ community have spent time inappropriately diagnosedRead MoreThe Struggles And Needs Elderly Lgbt Individuals Face And Its Effect On Their Aging Process1334 Words   |  6 PagesElderly lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LBGT) individuals face many issues that others do not. Not only do they face discrimination due to their sexuality, but also due to their age and/or gender. The intersectionality of sexuality, age, and/or gender can cause many physical, mental, and emotional health issues which require social work intervention. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the struggles and needs elderly LGBT individuals face and its effect on their aging process. This can be achievedRead MoreDiscrimination And Prejudice Against The Elderly877 Words    |  4 Pagesaging persons and unquestionably against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), intellectually and physically disabled seniors, and people of a certain faith and spiritual beliefs. The ability to distinguish, fear and prejudice based upon myths and misconceptions from truths and facts about older adults are vital to eldercare success. Ageism is not limited to America. It has become an international issue. There was a time when elders received respect for their knowledge and extensive memoryRead MoreMental Health And The Lgbt Community1665 Words   |  7 Pagesmany studies on mental health in the LGBT community. With more people being open about their sexual orientation, the LGBT community has become a bigger target for those individuals who create difference between groups to justify discrimination of a particular group. The discrimination towards the LGBT community has caused problems for individuals in the community, mental health being among the biggest problem. Studies have shown that the discrimination of LGBT individuals can affect mental healthRead MoreThe Aging Of The United States976 Words   |  4 PagesThe current growth in the number and proportion of older adults in the United States is unprecedented in our nation’s history. By 2050, it is anticipated that Americans aged 65 or older will number nearly 89 million people, or more than double the number of older adults in the United States in 2010 (The State of Aging and Health in America, 2013). Mirroring the aging of the U.S. population as a whole, the number of self-identified LGBT adults age 65 or older is expected to double by 2030 -- from 1Read MoreGay, Bisexual, And Transgender Aging : A Comprehensive And Analytical Sociological Perspective On Lgbt Aging849 Words   |  4 Pageslesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender aging (LGBT) and the psychosocial consequences they experience resulting from disparities. The articles, however, differ in that the research takes a on e-dimensional approach to an unambiguous issue. Therefore, this paper will focus on the article titled Helping Gay and Transgender People as they Age (McDaniels, 2015) given it offers an interdisciplinary perspective on LGBT aging. Notably, McDaniels interconnects social, environmental, health, poverty, and inequalityRead MoreCyberbullying: Direct Victimization in Schools and to Specific Groups1287 Words   |  6 Pagesexamining bullying of LGBT youth, it is crucial to consider direct bullying and biased comments made by students. The most noticeable remarks used in schools is when the word â€Å"gay† is used in a negative way, usually to mean that something is â€Å"stupid† or â€Å"dumb.† About 70% of LGBT students state they have often heard these types of remarks. Direct victimization in schools happens more regularly among LGBT youth than among heterosexual peers. In a school climate survey of LGBT youth, students were askedRead MoreSame Sex Adoption Is C ontroversial1443 Words   |  6 PagesTransgender (LGBT) household. Same-Sex Adoption is controversial because many people throughout the world are against LGBT adoption; but when faced with the number of kids who pray everyday for someone out there wanting to be the parent of a foster child, it is difficult to understand why the topic of gay adoption is controversial. Yes, there can be a bad outcome but there can also be a very good outcome of these kinds of adoptions. The LGBT Adoption situation can be fixed by allowing any adult or parent

Australian Supermarket Industry Duopoly

Question: Discuss about the Australian Supermarket Industry Duopoly. Answer: Introduction The Australian free market is characterized by the existence of various duopolies. One of the major industries with a duopoly market structure is the supermarket industry. Characteristically, a duopoly market is one in which two companies control nearly all of the market share. More specifically, the two competing business units control the majority of the market sector for a given commodity. In Australia, Coles and Woolworths dominate a high proportion of the supermarket industrys market share. Notably, the two firms have controlled the Australian supermarket industry for a long time. However, in the article Aldi boosts range to win a bigger share of $90 billion grocery shop, Catie Low narrates how Aldi is trying to climb the ladder and attain a greater market share in the industry. Firstly, the Aldi seeks to increase the level of competition in the Coles and Woolworths dominated market. According to the article, Aldi plans to boost its grocery selection by approximately 20 percent in a bid to capture a significant proportion of Australias $90 billion grocery market (Low, 2017). Also, it aims at increasing its products by about 250 products to its range of 1450 items (Low, 2017). In turn, this will expand its stake by around 10 percent in the industry. Consequently, this will increase the level of competition to the existing supermarket duopolies in the country. Discussion Essentially, duopoly market structures exist where two sellers have control over the entire industry. It is a form of oligopoly, composed of mainly two large sellers who collude to keep other competitors out of the industry. Additionally, there is the presence of monopolistic characteristics in such markets brought about by the fact that most products are differentiated (Kumar, n.d.). Likewise, the customer loyalty between the two major supermarkets has guaranteed Coles and Woolworths a high market power. Notably, over the past few years, Woolworths and Coles have differentiated their products by integrating own branding techniques, thereby capturing the needs of its consumers (Jones, 2015). The differentiated products have also ensured that consumers believe that the products offered by one company have no direct substitutes. In turn, this has killed the level of competition in the market. Besides, the market concentration of the two markets allows them to set their prices. Cumulatively, the two firms own about 70 percent of the grocery market in the country. In this regard, they can influence the price levels for the products they offer (Leigh Triggs, 2017). On various occasions, Coles and Woolworths have been involved in price undercutting games, thereby reducing the prices of their goods and services. Furthermore, the two firms have many retailer shop fronts all over the country. Therefore, they have been able to cover a wider client area as compared to their competitors. Mainly, this is attributed to the fact their presence in various regions demonstrates the availability and reliability of grocery products in the Australian grocery industry in the country. Consequently, this has led to unfair competition, especially among small retailers in the country who cannot afford to lower their prices to the level set by the two duopolies. In turn, this causes them to make losses, thereby withdraw from the market Source: (Roy Morgan Research, 2016). Furthermore, Woolworths and Coles incorporate technology as a means to attract potential customers to their store. More specifically, the two firms have initiated banking facilities, fuel retail, and insurance in their product list. In turn, this has captured a wide array of customers who can now shop at one stop (Colvin, 2015). There are also additional rewards programs where the retailer stored information so that clients can earn discounts whenever they shop at Woolies and Coles stores. Subsequently, the two firms have substantially increased their market power and dominance, making it difficult for other small companies to compete effectively in the market. In this regard, the efforts initiated by Aldi in a bid to increase its market share and power will be a hard task. As such, the degree and level of competition instigated by Coles and Woolworths may smother the companys profits in the grocery industry, thereby forcing it to leave the market. Most predominantly, the price undercutting mechanism is a notorious strategy that the two duopolies use to drive out competition from the market (Knox, 2014). The proposed increase in its product range to around 1,700 will still be a small fraction of the size of the major supermarkets selection. On average, Coles and Woolworth's store's selection is about 25,000 lines (Low, 2017). For this reason, Aldi may be unable to achieve a substantial proportion of the market share, making it a price taker. In turn, this may result in high losses, following competitive strategies by the two largest retailers. Graphical presentation of market share over time as at 2016 Source: (Roy Morgan Research, 2016). Even so, there is hope for Aldi. Predominantly, one can attribute this to the fact that the company intends to open at least 25 stores every year in the eastern states and continue to expand into new territories of WA and South Australia (Low, 2017). By and large, this will broaden its market share, thus earning a bigger market share. Consequently, this will reinvigorate its sales growth in the mature markets and attract new shoppers with a larger selection of frozen lines and fresh produce. Most importantly, the timing of this changes is perfect. Recently, Coles boss announced that the retailer plans to cut its product lines. For this reason, Aldi will be able to capture Coles customers by offering them a variety of its product lines. It is imperative to note that the continued efforts by Aldi may eventually reap off, thereby accumulate a sizeable market share. Eventually, it may become one of the leading grocery retail stores in the Australian market competing back to back with Woo lworths and Coles. Supermarket customer penetration over time Source: (Roy Morgan Research, 2016), Conclusion Woolworths and Coles have dominated the Australian supermarket industry for a long time. The two duopolies control the retail sector through various mechanisms such as price undercutting and product differentiation. However, Aldi, a major retailer in the Supermarket industry is working its way up the top of the industry to attain a bigger market share in the sector. Essentially, this will be achieved through a continued increase in the number of product lines as well as an expansion in the number of stores. To an extent, this will expand the companys dominance in the market. Over time, Aldi will compete on level ground with Coles and Woolworths. References Colvin, M. (2015). Courts should be empowered to address Coles/Woolworths duopoly: Malcolm Knox. [Online] ABC. Available at: [Accessed 16 Apr. 2017]. Harper Review: a mixed basket for Coles and Woolworths. (2015). [Online] The Conversation. Available at: [Accessed 16 Apr. 2017]. Jones, E. (2011). Coles and Woolworths duopoly hard to swallow. [Online] The Conversation. Available at: [Accessed 16 Apr. 2017]. Knox, M. (2015). Supermarket monsters. [Online] the Monthly. Available at: [Accessed 16 Apr. 2017]. Kumar, E. (2011). Top 8 Characteristics of an Oligopoly Market. [Online] Economics Discussions. Available at: [Accessed 16 Apr. 2017]. Leigh, A., and Triggs, A. (2017). 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